Shrug History

Shrug Worlds

An environmental dreamworld and handcrafted crossmedia universe for animated musical tales and games. It aims to bring the enthusiasm and wonder of a being a child in nature to digital experiences.

The Island of the Shrugs is a mysterious musical being on which live a family of shape-shifters. Every year its people fly when the ocean rises and covers  land, and when the waves fall back the Shrugs return, transforming once again to solid creatures. The Shrugs and their Island are intimately connected and their odd communication maintains life and magic through the seasons.  With as many Shrug personalities as there are people and inner changes mirrored in their surroundings, keeping the balance on Shrug Island is a constant dance.

Created by Alina Constantin and grown from animation film to games with the collaboration of many, Shrug Worlds have taken on many forms, with an ongoing adventure game in production. Check them out in the backstory below

Shrug (2009) - 7 minute 2D animation, coproduced at ESAAT and Volda University College 

The Shrugs first came to life in the 2009 animated short film, Shrug. The film introduces a Shrug family and shows their story of adapting to the constantly changing environment of their Island and the seasonal tides.  Made in France and Norway as Alina’s student graduation project, Shrug has been shown in children film festivals worldwide and received the 2009 Junior Jury Award from the Annecy International Animation Festival.

Shrug - The Animated Film

Shrug Tides (2013) - Android plaformer by Amazu Media

Designed with Amazu Media and support from the Open Workshop in Viborg, Denmark as part of Alina's first research into game development Shrug Tides is an atmospheric puzzle platformer for mobile phones and tablets.  Using simple game-play, its focus is on introducing the Shrugs to a casual gaming audience.  As a little Shrug going through the canyons of his island world, the player works with time and transformational abilities to discover magic stones and heal a sick world.

Shrug Tides Teaser

"Goodness, Shrug Song is a delightful little thing"

Nathan Grayson, ROCK, PAPER, SHOTGUN

Shrug Song (2013) - minigame for PC

Mini-game from Alina and Nifflas (Knytt Underground).  Having met at the 2013 Nordic Game Jam where they enjoyed a musical jam in the campus sauna, they decided to continue game jamming around the Shrugs in the months that followed.  The result is Shrug Song, a small musical exploration which received great mention in indie games media and became the core mechanic of the larger commercial game Shrug Island.

Shrug Song Trailer

Shrug Island - Chapter 1 in production

Shrug Island is an adventure game in 4 chapters for tablets and desktops, started by Alina at Amazu Media with support from the Open Workshop and the Danish film Institute. With funds raised on Kickstarter, it is currently being developed at Tiny Red Camel a company formed by musician Michael G.Rose and Alina Constantin who met during the crowdfunding campaign for the game's first chapter. Read more about Shrug Island